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Hooray! The State Fair of Texas of 2019 is Back

Whether you’re ready or not, the State Fair of Texas is upon us. You may think you’re too old for stuffed animals, Ferris wheels and fried….well, everything. However, each October you’re drawn to the nostalgic idea of marching down Midway armed with your tickets, ready to knock down every milk jug in site with a softball circa 1976, or out-shoot your buddy on the ridiculously tall basketball goals, just to win a giant bear for your sweetheart, but you know what? You. Are. Never. Too. Old.

It’s that time again, so round up the posse, hop on the nearest DART and head on down to Fair Park for this years festivities of music, games, rides, cars, food and fun!

Click here for the official State Fair of Texas Website for all the information: