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Avant Group Custom Homes

You have been searching for the perfect home, but you can’t seem to find the right on…We can help!

The Avant Group will acquire, design and build your dream home from start to finish. We will work with your ideas and inspiration to create the perfect floor-plan for your lifestyle. Then our designer and Avant Group partner, Heaven Porteous, will work to make your dream a reality through material selections and color palettes. Visit one of the Avant Group spec homes in Midway Hollow to see for yourself the painstaking craftsmanship and the standard by which the Avant Group holds themselves. You will love the overall experience and you don’t have to settle for a home that doesn’t fit your lifestyle needs. Contact Matt Scobee today for references and testimonials.

To calculate the cost of an Avant Group Custom Home, you will take the cost of the lot or land, plus the cost of construction based on the size of home you desire.

Example: Lot ($300,000) + Construction (3200sf x $175/ft) = $860,000 – See the chart below

2500 – 2700sf is $195/ft

2800 – 2999sf is $190/ft

3000 – 3199sf is $180/ft

3200 – 3599sf is $175/ft

3600 – 4199sf is $170/ft

4200 – 5000sf is $160/ft

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